Doctor Martin Automotive

Mechanical Repairs for all makes and all models!

Doctor Martin is the place to go for reliable, affordable and expert car care.

For car services and repairs, you want an experienced mechanic who has up-to-date research on today's vehicles.

Doctor Martin is that mechanic.

Modern cars need to be serviced correctly, and by using only full synthetic engine oil and high quality filters, you will drive away happy with no surprises harming your car. Better still, we guarantee our services to give you peace of mind.

"Benny is a top mechanic and a great person also. He has worked on my cars, my work's utes, and most of my friends cars. It's honestly a 100/10 rating." - Scott

Full mechanical services are available here:

  • Scanning and diagnostics
  • Engine oil changes and filtering
  • Fuel filter replacements
  • Air filter inspection
  • Checking of wheels and tyres
  • Testing of brakes and lights
  • Fluid level assessment and filling
  • Injector cleans
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Air con
  • Electrical
  • Major repairs
  • Smaller repairs

"Awesome mechanics here, and Ben has always done great work to sort my cars out! I've always found them to be great value for money." - Nicholas

The Doctor is IN - come and let us care for your car.

Vicroads Licenced Vehicle Tester

Doctor Martin’s is a Vicroads approved Licensed Vehicle Tester.

A certificate of roadworthiness can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester.

VACC Accredited Automobile Repairer

Doctor Martin's has been assessed and so accredited by the VACC, maintaing the provision of high quality mechanical repairs.

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